A stunning gemstone that captures and plays with light, Opals have a magical appearance radiating a kaleidoscope of colours from within.

Caroline says 

Ihave had a love affair with Opal ever since a young age; mainly because it is my birthstone (October) so I have always been aware of it. I love to work with the more unusual Opals such as Milky Opal and Boulder Opal as to me they have more depth and personality – I just adore the way they filter and bend light to create a effect not dissimilar to the Northen Lights.

Country of origin

Gem-quality Opals are mostly mined in Australia; some reports claim that 97% of the world’s Opals are sourced there. Other sources include Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Honduras, United States, Czech Republic, Guatemala and Romania.

Myth & Folklore

Opals have been considered both good luck and bad luck throughout history. They were as precious as Diamonds to the ancient Greeks and used in jewellery by the Romans, whereas in Russia the gem was considered by the Tsars to symbolise the evil eye.


Opal is the birthstone for October

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