Caroline Creba

Caroline Creba’s love affair with jewellery and precious stones began at an early age. As a child, she spent hours sifting through her mother’s jewellery box, intrigued by the vivid colours and glimmering light. This, coupled with Caroline’s obsession for collecting shells at the beach, was where it all began . . .  Years later at art college, Caroline discovered how to sculpt and work with metals, and from there she studied silversmithing and jewellery design at the internationally renowned School of Jewellery in Birmingham.

Creative, artistic and adventurous, it was Caroline’s love of travel that ignited her passion for gems. Whilst exploring the ancient gem routes of India, Burma and Thailand, Caroline was captivated by the timeless beauty and infinite variety of precious stones.  Caroline now travels the world for work and this is when she gets up close and personal to many stunning gemstones and discovers new shades or cutting techniques that allow for different effects. For Caroline, travel is a great source of inspiration, allowing her to see new things and experience different cultures.

Taking further inspiration from books, the ocean, colour and form, Caroline’s collections – Titania (made with Swarovski crystals), Nadira and Pettia - reflect her love of Shakespeare, her childhood dreams of one day bottling the sparkle from the magnificent night sky and her fascination with nature and the wonderful colours and textures all around us. Gemstones, the natural beauty of light and how jewellery harnesses it, are at the heart of Caroline’s design ethos and her most celebrated work. 

 Jewellery is a lifelong passion for me and I simply love seeing my creations bought to life by people wearing them – there is nothing better than seeing your jewellery enjoyed by others