Lapis Lazuli

Showcasing wonderful veins of gold against a lustrous body of royal blue, Lapis Lazuli is a striking gemstone that is simply eye-catching.

Caroline says

Lapis Lazuli was one of the very first gemstones I worked with back when I started studying jewellery at university – it’s big and bold and looks fab set against 18ct gold. I love to wear it with neutrals to create colour pop jewels!

Country of origin

Today there are Lapis Lazuli mines in northeast Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as Russia, and Chile. Smaller quantities are mined in Italy, Mongolia, the United States and Canada.

Myth & Folklore

Throughout its long lifetime of use, this beautiful blue opaque gemstone has been considered as a holystone, a friendship stone and a stone of truth, encouraging the wearer to speak their mind and create harmonious relationships.

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