Green Agate

With a rich regal green appearance, Green Agate has an inner fire and brilliance that radiates through it’s deep emerald green layers.

Caroline says

This stunning gemstone is such a pleasure to work with; Green Agate has such a rich and consistent emerald green colour you can really create impact when setting it against gold or mixing it with other primary colours like royal blues. I have a Green Agate pendant that looks fab when worn next to a bright blue blazer for a fun office vibe.

Country of origin

Agate can be found all over the world, but the main sources of gem-quality material come from Brazil. It can also be found in the United States - in particular the west; Montana and Idaho, Australia, Italy, and also a very small supply from Madagascar.

Myth & Folklore

Myths and legends suggest that when a person wears Agate, they become more pleasant and agreeable. It is believed to quench thirst, protect against viruses (including fever) and to cure insomnia.

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