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Article: In The Beginning

In The Beginning

In The Beginning

I met a lot of really inspirational people this week... In the main they were bloggers. Some of these people had gone from careers they had been in for many years, and taken a leap of faith into a career as a blogger. I read blogs myself and follow lots of different people because I like their style or the topics they write about.  Some I just love their photography or their bluntness. After picking these bloggers brains and finding out what it really means to them I have decided to see if I can make a go of it..? 

I am a jewellery designer with over sixteen years experience in the jewellery industry, who has my own brand #CarolineCreba. I also work with other jewellers/retailers on special projects as well as working with other jewellery brands designing and presenting their ranges. I sometimes guest present on TV shopping channels such as QVC and The Shopping Channel (Canada) where I share my knowledge and passion for jewellery.

I am lucky enough to frequently travel the world for work and pleasure and I truly love everything about the different cultures, foods and jewellery I find on my travels - especially all the wonderful gemstones I come across (I'm a massive gem geek) and any new cutting styles/techniques there may be.

The most important job I have is being the proud mummy to my 6 year old daughter, Freya; she is the catalyst behind my change in career from a fast paced retail environment where I worked long hours and weeks as a jewellery and watches category manager with a team of ten, to setting up a jewellery consultancy business on my own (along side my own brand). Although working just as many hours, I am my own boss - which means I can pick and choose when I work. For me, this is the perfect balance as it allows me to drop my daughter to school most days and be there cheering her on at sports day, attend school trips and watch her in the Nativity play.

As a jewellery designer, a gem lover, a mum, a business woman and a self professed gem geek you can expect to hear a lot about jewellery, gemstones, being a mum, trends and fashion as well as traveling and one of my favourite pastimes... food!

I'd love to hear from you and as well as commenting here I can be found on the following platforms:



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