We put just as much care, attention and dedication into our packaging as we do into our jewellery. Designed not only to be pleasing to the eye and touch, we also take care to ensure your jewellery is always in perfect condition.

Each and every Caroline Creba creation is accompanied by a polishing cloth. This serves to remove harmful substances from the surface of the jewellery which can build up over time and use. Substances such as soap, hand cream, hair spray and perfume can react with the metal in your jewellery and create a layer of discoloration on the surface. A simple, gentle wipe with our polishing cloth at the end of each day of use can eliminate the majority of these harmful agents. Take all necessary precautions to ensure your jewellery avoids contact with such agents.

Every purchase made from the Caroline Creba Collections is dispatched in our premium packaging along with a jewellery care cloth. All aspects of the packaging have been designed to compliment the jewellery it carries and with the aim of being impressive enough to leave out on view, long after it arrives.