Mysterious and alluring, Labradorite is a gemstone to admire with it’s colourful displays and lustrous sheen.

Caroline says

Labradorite is one of those gemstones that makes me come over all #GemGeek! Originally found and mined in Labrador, Canada (hence the name!), Labradorite possesses labradorescence, which creates magical plays of light resulting in fabulous flashes of reds, greens and blues. This gemstone is packed full of personality – wear against nudes and black for maximum impact.

Country of origin

As well as Canada, Labradorite is also found in Madagascar, China, India, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Scandinavia and the USA.

Myth & Folklore

According to myths and legends, Labradorite is thought to unleash the power of the mind and was even believed to aid in overcoming one’s limitations. It is said to protect your aura and to align your personal self with the universe to help you achieve your destiny.

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