Sample Sale: Selection of gemstone earring

Sample Sale: A selection of 18ct gold plated checkerboard cut gemstone drop earrings (for pierced ears) from the Nadira collection.
These stunning earrings made from sterling silver then richly plated with 18ct gold, feature a variety of vibrant gemstones.
Playful and feminine, these drop and stud earrings are fabulous when worn on their own or when married with any of the other colourful pieces in the Nadira collection. 

From top left (see numbered pic):
1. Aqua Chalcedony: Oval, brushed gold, dangle
2. Aqua Chalcedony:  Oval, polished gold, dangle
3. Aqua Chalcedony: Round, polished gold , dangle
4. Pink Quartz: Round, polished gold, dangle
5. Aqua Chalcedony: Large round, brushed gold, dangle
6. Red Agate: Elongated Oval, polished gold , dangle
7. Amethyst: Oval, brushed gold , dangle
8. Green Agate: Small round, polished gold , dangle
9. Red Agate:  Oval, brushed gold, dangle
10. Red Agate: Double Oval, brushed gold, dangle
11. Green Agate: Double Oval, brushed gold, dangle
12. Abalone: Oval, polished gold, stud
13. Black Agate: Round, polished gold, stud
14. Amethyst: Square, polished gold, stud
15. Blue Topaz: Round, brushed gold, stud
16. Amethyst: Oval, polished gold, stud
17. Amethyst: Oval, brushed gold, stud

*Please note: Sample sale items are non-returnable

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