A gemstone created deep in the seas, Pearls are a beautiful gem with a precious lustre.

Caroline says

Pearls are having a huge revival right now and have been pushed to the front line of fashion by the likes of Dior. No longer is this gem only about a conservative pearl strand, but it is now paving the way for some of the biggest trends in jewellery. Pearls are so versatile and come in an array of natural and died colours – one thing that is always consistent is their stunning lustre. Wear as a statement against dark tones or for a super feminine look pair with pastels.

Country of origin

Nowadays, Pearls and Mother of Pearl can be cultivated and are used for many purposes. The main sources of jewellery grade Mother of Pearl are found in the Far East.

Myth & Folklore

Said to promote marital bliss it has long been tradition to gift Peals to a bride. In Ancient Rome, it was believed that Pearls would promote a long and healthy life.


Pearl is the birthstone for June

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