With a translucent pale blue appearance, Aquamarine has an inner clarity and brilliance that radiates beautifully.

Caroline says

An elegant and crisp gemstone, Aquamarine is a precious gem that exudes sophistication. To me this is a ‘grown up’ gemstone that looks stunning when set next to diamonds in white gold or platinum. I rarely use Aquamarine in my everyday collections, but love the opportunity to work with it when designing bespoke pieces.

Country of origin

The largest source of Aquamarine is found in Brazil, but today Africa is becoming a strong rival, with mining activities in countries such as Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Myth & Folklore

Aquamarine is believed to both soothe and prolong relationships, and for this reason is often given as an anniversary gift. Aquamarine is also said to suppress one’s phobias.


Aquamarine is the birthstones for March

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